Friday, January 9, 2009

Pictures from the past

While going through some pictures on the computer today I decided to post on something that my son was into for a few years. Unicycling ya that's right and no he does not preform in the circus. These particular pictures were take in northern Minnesota at their annual Mountain unicycling trip to a ski resort. They open in the summer for mountain biking and yes Mountain unicycling too!!! This is my little trio Amber my oldest in the middle Autumn and Shayne oh ya and Hanna the pooch is in there too!
This is a group picture of all the participants for this year all ages range from 6-7 to 45 and beyond
And there they go down the hill. what a fun thing to watch I think Shayne said that they all got to go down the hill about 10 times . now I need to get these all printed out !!!!


pretty*in*pink*designs said...

Looks like fun! I'll have to show Jordan these pics too. Thanks for sharing!

Philigry said...

love you new look on the blog! so warm and inviting!