Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wrapping up the Year

In order of accomplishment I am sharing my last two projects of 2009 and I loved doing them both! First was a fun swivel rocker that I did for a client that bought the footstool to match at the Hog Shed. Sure wish I would have taken the darn before picture it was a lovely orange and brown plaid!!

and what a comfy chair
Second was this Sweet set for my Friend Susan. This is the Christmas slipcover .... she is a lover of pink and had picked out this fabric for me to work with.

Love the way it turned out and so did she.

and of course buttons down the back .... she loves all things cute and cottagie.
as for my next post well ...... I seem to have lost my camera ya that's right, LOST !
Hubby and I went to California in the beginning of December and I think that it got lost somewhere between my sisters house and the Airport. so hopefully I will be able to replace it before to long.
until next time have a great New Year!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

In the Shop

Here are some of the things that I have been working on lately. Carmella dropped off some things that she wanted to be changed up a bit. This was a chair that was already white but upholstered in white (we all know how that goes) she wanted a slip cover in white that could be washed when needed. I did two of these chairs Then there where bar stools that needed a new look so we dressed them up a bit with oatmeal linen along with white piping and buttons.
Love the way these turned out
There where also lots and lots of window cushions and pillows out of this same fabric.

Then finally a fun little project. A vintage doll High chair.

The old cover is in the last photo
Carmella picked out this great fabric for a new cover and I think it was the perfect fit!

yup this was the old cover. well past its prime but much loved and I'm sure it served many years of fun play time.

back to work now................ have a great week.

Friday, November 13, 2009

He's Just So Darn Cute!!!

Thought I'd share some of what JT has been up to lately!
Make sure and turn up your volume so you can hear him!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Late Night and Early Morning Knits

Finally finished up with my Fall Riding Coat by Debbie Bliss and I'm really happy with it. I did make quite a few modifications to it ( good learning experience) I have to say that this is a warm one and really fun to wear.

also made up a pair of "Those Mitts" that I was going to give as a birthday gift but realized I had already made a pair for the person last year now they sit in my gift stash.
and then a quick little knit for my sons friend they bought the yarn and I turned it into a hat.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Business is good!

well as is typical for this time of year business is booming and I am all booked up until beginning of next year! This is one on the projects that I just finished up with and I love the way it turned out. Stephanie always seems to find fantastic fabric. oh yeah and my couch. I finished this up a couple of weeks ago and finally got around to taking some pics . of it. I was working on doing a more relaxed fit with this piece. I usually make my slipcovers more fitted but every once in a while I will get a request for a more casual fit. I'm happy with it although I have to say that I think for my self I like the more fitted look
I do however love the fabric that I found it's a Ralph Lauren print on a heavy canvas (perfect for all all the fall colors in the house right now) oh yeah and I found it for under 6.00 a yard!!!!! . although I must say I am kinda missing my white.

One thing that I did do on this one is to remake the back cushions. when I purchased the couch a few years back for 100.00 at a local thrift shop I picked it because it was super sturdy and the cushions were down filled, but the back cushions were really short so I tucked them away and used pillows for the back which was fine but they always needed fluffing so I remade the original ones adding some height to them and I really like them now

and you know me I couldn't resist some cuteness on the back!!
Have a great rest of the week!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


There it is, the finished chair! I really loved the fabric that Kristy picked out it was soooo soft and comfortable and the color was the perfect neutral that would work in just about any room. I was so happy to give this chair a little makeover as it was one of those supper comfy pieces. Kristy said she's even fallen asleep in it. Well...If you can fall asleep in a chair then you know its a good one !!
Enjoy your "new" old favorite chair Kristy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

In The Shop

Getting some things done in the shop. Both for me and my clients. I am still looking for a desk but until I find one I'm using the table from the porch (which is closed for the winter) Along with a white linen slip covered chair that is way too short for the table but it looks cute right?
Some of my favorite pinks on my shelf that I got from The Hog Shed along with another not so cute shelf that I got from the garage but I did put it to work in the shop this is the before

and this is the after as I painted it white and covered the shelves with wallpaper and had hubby build some wracks for pipping and zippers on the spool

and then I made a pocketed canvas holder for scissors zipper pulls and tape. This all sits right next to my sewing machine so that I can sew the piping right off the roll. Its been working really well and it looks so much nicer then the dirty ol gray shelf.

Last weeks project (the before) come back and see what we did with it!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Little Something 4 Me

As I was looking for a couple of Christmas gifts on Etsy the other day I ran across this seller. She makes the cutest recipe boxes( Gifts) and address files, the something for me part of this post. I convo-ed her and asked if in addition to the lettered tabs would she make the months of the year tabs also. Now I have address and birthdays all in one place. The cutest file ever! I love having a card for each Birthday. I can put all kinds of info on the card, sizes, favorite color what I gave, ect... Speaking of Birthdays, a gift for a nephew who's favorite color is .... yup, blue!

I found the pattern for the hat here and used size US 7 needles and for the yarn I used two strands of computer died stripes sock yarn held together. Super fast and fun knit!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


seeing it everywhere in my home these days , in my knits (working one this sweater now )
On my walls
on gifts that I have received. Love the little robin and the poppies

ne the fire place. Candle sticks that I finally parched from here yes I probably spend more than I make.

and in the bath.
Have a great weekend

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Working on some things around the house. I have my fall decorations out and even did a little painting Well actually my mom did the painting while she was here. We decided that my entry/accent wall needed to be orange for fall this year. I've wanted to do this for a couple of years now but have not because I know that I won't keep it this color for long but I love the way that it looks for fall ( yes I already know what color it will be for Christmas! )

Oh and one of my favorite Garage sale finds this summer is this basket that I picked up for .50 cents. It works perfectly on my table love it cause its low and I don't have to move it off when we are visiting or eating.

I also finally got around to making the new slipcovers for my dinning room chairs.

now all I really have to do is to finish my slipcover for the couch hum... maybe today!

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Yes Progress has been made I finished up the Duvet cover . and am happy with the results and I did get some things made up for The Hog Shed and I really had fun with it. I do love the changing of seasons. I get so excited when I get to work with a new color pallet and am having fun with the deep earthy colors of fall..
I put together a fun over sized footstool along with some matching (Huge ) floor pillows with handles.... that I love!! I also made a warm winter throw and some reversible table runners.
but I must say that I had the most fun with these fun fall totes with matching zippered makeup bags.
Hope you get a chance to visit us at The Hog Shed

Monday, September 28, 2009

This Week

This week I will be.... working on a duvet cover for a special little client Who's Mother purchased this throw from me a while ago. I was lucky enough to be able to shop my girlfriend Deanna's Fabric Stash. why didn't I take my camera with me to show you her stash? Its huge!!
I will be watching this precious little guy Yes he's getting big

I will be working on some fall things for The Hog Shed Using some really beautiful fabrics I found this weekend.

And I will be knitting every chance I get If I can get Hanna out of my knitting bag!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finally Finished

Well I finally finished the pullover that I have been working on forever and no its not perfect and yes I will wear it proudly ( cause I worked hard on it ) OK maybe Ill only where it at night but I will wear it!! I was talking with the gal at the yarn shop and this is how she blocks her sweaters and I thought it was so brilliant that I had to share it with you. see how you can get every thing to line up perfectly. I simply bought one of the cutting boards and then laminated it with some clear shelf liner stuff.
and a shot of our 4 generations before Mom left I so wanted to get a professional one done by my dear Friend Deanna but schedules where so crazy when Mom was here.

Thanks for stopping and have a great rest of the week

Thursday, September 17, 2009

2 Weeks with Mom

Yup Mom just left after spending 2 weeks with her FIRST great grandbaby JT and there was lots of lovin in this house!! we also got a couple of things done around here that have been on the back burner for awhile. See the wall with two clocks and no explanation.... well its been that way for about 3 months now

but we fixed that, all my family lives in California and we live here in Minnesota so I like to have the time for both on the wall. its a nice reminder of them

so we stencled on the lettering and mom shaded it all in

Love the way that it turned out!

Thanks Mom ~