Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A New Chiar for Shannon's Mom

Have you ever had a moment of doubt?
well this was one of those times.   My sweet client brought her chair with a lightweight silky fabric that I was sure would not work. After looking at it and thinking about I told her that we needed to find new fabric but not to worry the fabric store would be happy to take it back as long as it was not washed or cut.   NOT true it was on clearance! The store was not taking it back.   Ok well lets just do our best here.   After a lot of prayer and a moment to clear my head I decided to line it with some drapery lining ( because it's was a little thicker then the muslin )

but the fabric was so slippery that I needed to get it to stick a little. This is what I used and it works really well. ( I've used it before on projects with great  results)

 and here is the after

This is a chair that will not be sat in very much so I think it will work just fine   I love the way it looks and the fabric that she chose is just beautiful.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Had some extra time in-between projects to do a little something for myself ... dining room chairs
 The fabric that I picked was actually two 120"  white "stain resistant" table cloths from Target  I was able to get 6 dinning chairs out of the two table cloths

and here is the after.  I was able to get the six chairs out of the two table cloths because I chose not to pipe them, just a plain seam that I topstitched.  They are slightly see threw when the sun is shinning threw the window which I love because they have such a pretty design on the chair backs.
Thanks for stopping, have a great weekend

Monday, July 8, 2013

I seem to be having a hard time keeping up with my posts lately, but  it's summer and there just seems be so much to do.
Anyhow here is my latest Re-Creation that I snuck in between jobs. I choose a great  gray linen.
(Its for sale at The Buffalo Nickel )
 I wanted to try a slipcover without piping but thought it looked too plain so I added some ruffles
 and a little tie down the back.
I added ruffles only on the top of the cushion, down the seams in the on the seat back and where the skirt is attached to the body.   I did not want it to be overdone.
 here is a little peek at what she looked like before.
Thanks for stopping and have a great week!