Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Seperation of Home and Business

Well I've decided to separate my home blog from my business blog seeing that I was doing lots of postings that had nothing to do with slipcovers .... Which is why I started this blog in the first place! I will be posting only my Business related stuff on this blog but if you are at all interested in what I do with the rest of my time stop on by my new blog Home from my heart home from my hands And yes there will still be plenty of slipcovers on my new blog as my home is fiilled with them and I love sharing them with you.

Thanks so much for stopping

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pillows for Carmella

Another Project for a favorite client Starting with some pillows for her
First Set Front Back
Second Set


Third Set

Fabric Close up


Stop back to see what She is having me do with this chair.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Whitey Tighty

Yes Whitey Tighty Slip covers again! I made new slip covers for my couch and chairs as I was not as happy with the others that I had made for fall. I'm very happy with the new ones and am lovin the Green that I picked out for my accent color. The Slip cover fabric was purchased before Christmas at Joann's Fabrics ( with coupon ) ! I decided to use a sport weight denim instead of a duck or canvas because I wanted a light wight fabric for the ruffles on the chairs. Its still plenty heavy enough and perfectly soft one I washed them up a couple of times
and I brought the pillows back. I may cover the cushions for the back of the couch later but for now I'm lovin my pillows

This is my new favorite fabric. I purchased only half a yard (at Joanns, with coupon ) so for 2.00 a new pillow is born. I recycled an old feather pillow by re-ticking it and adding dried lavender buds to it Its smells sooooo good.

ruffles on my skirts and polka dots on my pillows!

I've gone a little green

Oh yeah and my cute little lamp with shade I found at Target for 15.00! Perfect for this little reading corner
Have a great weekend

Friday, January 15, 2010

Art in my Home

Art is a very big part of my home decor. Why? well because I love what does for us as people, the very act of creating is just an awesome feeling. Art is also what makes my home a very personal space because most of the art you will find in my home is from my own family's hands. This trio is just a collection that I acquired at garage and occasional sales. I have them because I love the green's in them.

The next two pictures are ones that my Mom painted. This first one is of her grandmother and grandfather that she painted from an old black and white photo that she was given by her sister

This is me. It was my Christmas gift last year. My Mother surprised all of us Kids (5) with portraits. Mom just started painting a year and a half ago. Wow

This is a set of pottery that my first daughter Amber did in high school I love the colors.

This is a picture that my son Shayne did while he was in high school he did it using only tiny little dots. I think its soooo cool

This is a picture that my husband did while he was in high school.

Side by side father and son art. love that One of the greatest things that I have done with some of their art is to have a couple of my favorite pieces professionally framed, a little expensive but I will never regret it~
This next piece was a gift from my brother in law last Christmas. Its is a Very big mosaic that he did. I just received it however, as it was traveling the country in an art contest for the VA where it took 1st place!! what a treasure.

This is one of many wood burnings that that my Father in law has gifted us this is one of his first. a woodland scene

Perfect over the Tv.

This is one of the other wood burnings that was given to us this is a portrait that he did of a Doctor friend of the family love it ~~

and yes there he is again, Autumns creation the green man with two faces love him even if he is a little scary

There you have it what makes This home .... my home.
also just a note I am working on getting this blog set up as just a
Cyndis Re-Creations blog I will be starting another blog of just home
stuff as I seem to lean towards that a little bit more. Yes there will be plenty
of slipcovers in my home blog as it is unavoidable my home is Slipcover City!!!
Have a great weekend !

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I'm joining thankful Thursday with Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses I am thankful for:

My Family~ who are safe and healthy

My Home~ that is warm and comfortable

My Husband~ who supports me and my dreams.

My Husbands Job and his strong work ethic

My Faith that I count on and call on every single day

The Beauty that surrounds me in so many ways ~ Children, Grandchildren Husband nature art....

The changing seasons

The opportunity to speak my mind and heart

My computer Where I look to for inspiration everyday ~ and find it!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

There's a new Blogger in Town

I would like to introduce you to her Autumn Laine, My daughter. One of Autumn's goals for the new year was to start an art blog... Art is her passion. I would like to share some of my favorite pieces of her with you. This is a self portrait of her that she did in high school

This is a clay piece she did ( I love this guy!)

And this is one of her most recent works this was her gift to me this Christmas it's for my workshop. I LOVE them and can't wait to get the hung up.
So if you get a chance hop on over and take a look at her blog and give her a little encouragement. she really is so very talented!!!