Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When a Curtain is no longer a Curtain

I was getting ready for another sale and realized that I needed a piece for the shop.
I've had this parsons chair ( sorry no before picture)  sitting around my shop for quite some time
it was in great shape but I wanted to dress it up a little bit.
I had purchased some Rachell Ashwell curtains at target a while ago that did not work out in my home and I just didn't wa
nt to take them back so they too have been sitting around my shop.
so I made them into a slipcover for this chair.
just a simple gathering in the back with a tie to keep everything snug.
There she is all finished up. This chair did make its way to the sale and has sold. Thank you to its new owner for your purchase. 
Thanks for stopping.
and have a great rest of the week

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fabric Sale

Hello,  I just wanted to pass along some Sale info.   Joann Fabrics is having a 60% of their Home Decorator fabric sale this includes their special order fabrics.  This is a great deal I think they only do it twice a year.  No coupon necessary! the sale lasts until Feb 2nd.
Here is a link to the current flier
Also I am booked until end of March Please contact me if you are interested in getting on my April calend

er. Browse this Sales Flyer

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Chair that never was

It's been awhile since I have visited this little space of mine, that's not because I've been sluffing off, really! 
This is a chair that I did for the shop last month, I was really pleased with the way that it turned out that is, until I went to unload it from the truck and found that it had what appeared to bleach marks all over the fabric they were so faint I didn't even see them until I was out in the bright sunlight.  I have not idea how they got there, so .... I decided that I would try and bleach the whole thing well..... that didn't work so I thought I'd dye the slipcover a deep brown and that didn't work either. so I ended up tossing the whole thing in the trash!!!!
oh yeah and did I mention that I lined the whole thing too. oh well I'm glad I got a couple of pictures of it before I tried to "fix" it.
Thanks for Stopping by  and I really am going to get better about posting projects.  Big plans for this New Year, Happy 2013!