Tuesday, January 27, 2009

just to see if it would work!!

After spending way to much time on the computer looking at blogs on how to do things I was fascinated with a post on how to make your own butter so I had to give it a whirl, just to see if it would work. And .... it did! super simple!! I lost the post that I originally looked at so I googled " how to make butter and just fallowed the directions.

So what I learned was that, a quart of heavy cream will give you about a pound of butter and a cup of buttermilk (which I am saving for my freezer biscuits ) That I make at the beginning of the month.
Would I do this again? maybe if I got a great deal on heavy cream or if I had a cow or goat! it was fun though, watching white liquid cream turn into a solid yellow butter. I think this would be a great thing to do with little kiddos so that they can see how butter is made.

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Rhonda in OK said...

Hi Cyndi
I have not been to your blog in awhile but I wish you could see the surprise on my face when I clicked on your link for freezer biscuits and went to my blog!

you have the cutest ideas and I am going to put you on my blog favorites so I can see all your updates.