Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Being Creative with Autumn (DD2)

What a fun day yesterday. I got to spend the day in the workshop with my daughter Autumn, being creative! she has caught the crocheting "bug" and wanted to make a bag for all of her crochet stuff. So, she showed up with a picture of what she wanted and together we came up with this cute little bag. I Love it!
Now she is my crafty and creative one so after looking around on the computer and seeing all the cute stitch markers that are out there she decided to make some herself how cute!!!

and look at these pink ones I just love them!!! she does such a good job. I would never have the patients for this!! now to get that Etsy shop up and running so she can start selling them.


Angie said...

Those are so cute! I know you really enjoyed your creative time together.

pretty*in*pink*designs said...

How cool is that! I look forward to seeing her Etsy shop as well. Love the new look of your blog too.