Friday, July 27, 2012

Fridays from Home

A project finished!  the down stairs living room that I had intended to have done and ready for the summer in early May.  Slipcovers were made and cushions re maid for the couch and love seat. a new rug  new lampshade covers  and some pillows in blue.  A great old croquette set found and cleaned up a bit, love the colors of it and a Boat House sign that I made with some craft paint and old wood that we had laying around the house.
Ahhhh I love having this project checked off the list  
Happy weekend!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lampshades and Sofa's

I just completed this project for one of my favorite clients.  This is an awesome barrel hanging lamp that she found at a shop for super cheep.   We made a  lamp shade slipcover  out of some fabrics that she had left over from another project. This slipcover simply warps around the shade and Velcro's in place the buttons are just add a little extra detail.

 for the sofa she wanted a very contemporary look so we did the whole thing with very clean and simple lines no piping and just a couple of pleats in the front. White linen was the fabric of choice.

Thanks for stopping have a great rest of the week.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fridays From Home

A look at what I've been working on when I'm not in the shop.  Our home is too shady for a garden spot so we have a space at a farmer friends place. Lots of canning and freezing going on around here.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Camper Cushions for Claire

  The  first two pictures are before  shots.  Some very well used and dated camper cushions from a camper that she and her husband Ken have been working on for quite
 some time.

and here are the after pictures.  I really need to get better about these pictures but thought I'd share anyway.

Have a great week

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fridays From Home

I thought I'd start  doing  a Fridays from home post so that I could share some of my
 "other than work" passions/projects.
I really do love just about anything that involves being creative and domestic when I'm at home knitting sewing decorating gardening canning or just cleaning my home, I'm "livin the dream" for me anyways. I'm always doing something.  This is what my Fridays from Home posts will be about.
This is a bit of what I've been up to this spring, Knitting. I love the feel of doing something while doing nothing ie watching TV and waiting for the garden to grow!
I would love to hear from those of you out there that are passionate about what you do.
Happy weekend

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some Things for the Shop

I've been busy out in the shop these past few days and thought I'd share some things that I put together for a new shop that I'm in.  I share a booth with a dear friend Susan who builds and paints furniture  ( I'll share some of here work soon)
 For the month of July we decided bright green's and blue's
 I found this great fabric and thought it was the perfect fit for our first month in the new space.
Have a great weekend!