Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Book Review~ Simple Modern Sewing

 This is somewhat new for me but also something I have been wanting to master for quite some time, ie making my own clothes.  I have tried numerous times before, with less than desirable results.  So in an effort to learn how to master this I have decided to do a post on my progeess, successes and failures, etc.  I saw this book on another blogger's reader list the other day and loved the clothes on the cover so I went directly to Amazon to see if I could take a peek inside the book... I could not.  So I bought it and read a couple reviews through Amazon and thought, "humm, maybe I could elaborate through my own experiences".
First, let me say that I rarely use traditional patterns because I have a hard time understanding them but I do have a basic knowledge of how to read a pattern and feel I have an even better ability to visually figure things out.  Give me lots of pictures please! 
Ok, for the book itself...it is beautiful!  I love the pictures and there are examples of every pattern put together.  I was super excited to get started.  I chose the blouse on the cover to start with.  It is one of my favorite styles.
I pulled out one of the two pattern sheets.  Yes, one of two sheets for all eight patterns!  The patterns are stacked one on top of the other for four different sizes.  (be prepared to be challenged).  The pattern that I chose had four pieces to it.  It took me well over 30 minutes to figure out what I was looking at and to get the pattern traced onto my butcher paper.

What is different about this book is that the patterns do NOT include the  seam allowance so you have to figure that in when cutting out the pattern itself. 
 Ok so I really wanted this to fit me correctly.  I always end up with way too much room under the arm, so I made up a quickie out of some muslyn I had.  Sure enough there was  too much room around the armpit. 
 When I went to make the real deal I took it in about an inch on each side.  Much better.
 The rest of the consturction was very simple and straight forward.  I was able to get the  pattern finished up within about an hour
 I could have gotten the back gathers a little more even.
Here is that little stripe that is not quite straight.   When putting this whole project together I starched my fabric since I used linen fabric and it has a tendancy to move around abit.  When I finished the whole thing it did look a little stiff and boxie so I quick threw it in the wash to see how it would look when it relaxed.
 Much better except for the fact that the bias tape I made at 1.5 inches was obviously too wide and it curled around and popped over the topstitched seam. Therefore I added another row of top stitching.  Next time I will make my bias tape at 1 inch.

 Here is the finished and washed product. For the most part I am happy with it and am excited to make another one!
 Oh yeah.  I did not put the little cap sleeve on  because I want  to
 be able to wear the sweater  I've been working on and  didn't want  the material wadding up.
 There you have it my review on this pattern and the book its self
I'm looking forward to the next project from this book!

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Anonymous said...

Super sweet Cyndi! And that sweater is yummilicious. :) Deanna