Tuesday, December 4, 2007

So Lucky

Yesterday I was so excited when my honey came home cause with him he had yet another load of goodies for me from his Big Sis Camilla (The Garage/Estate Sale Queen!!!) She is a year round shopper and I benefit greatly from her love of the hunt!! I simply put in my order and voila in no time at all I have boxes and bags of treasures at my door. Mainly fabric Lace and trims of all sorts. This picture is just a small sampling of some of the beautiful vintage fabrics that she found this time around. I even received a Sewing machine. I told Camilla a couple of weeks ago that I wanted one to have on hand as a spare so that I would have an emergency back up, and so it was delivered promptly! its an oldie but thats exactly what I wanted, Somthing basic and solid! and now all I need to do is take it in for a little tune up, How lucky Can one woman be???
Thanks again Camilla !!!

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pretty*in*pink*designs said...

You are soo lucky to have her Cyndi! She really does have you spoiled :) Hope the sewing machine will be a good back-up for you and handle all those layers of home dec fabric and piping, etc! I'm looking forward to our girls day out tomorrow. Need to run to the bank today to cash the hubby's last per diem check!