Wednesday, December 12, 2007

If we Build it, will they come???

Well the project is officially under way! My new studio, I am so Excited. Framing began on Monday of this week and I cant believe how fast these guys are!!! Not to mention that they are working in the middle of a Minnesota winter where temps are in the teens! I have been Re Creating out of my basement/ Living room/ laundry room for 4 years now and I cant tell how lucky I feel that I will have my own work shop. Soon people will be able drop off projects and pick them up right out the front double doors of the shop. No more trying to squeeze a chair or couch through the regular sized front or back door of my house, always a Challenge!!! And to answer the question, If we build it ..... I think the answer is yes, I am already booked into April with projects. I cant believe it!!!

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pretty*in*pink*designs said...

Oh Cyndi! You have got to be out of your mind crazy excited! With the speed of this project, I'll be over for a sew-in in the new studio in no time flat. Please make time for me amidst all your custom jobs! :o) Keep the updates coming girl!