Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Time

Well I have spent the last few days decorating for Christmas and trying to get some things listed on eBay (since my Sewing machines are in the shop and I don't have them as a distraction) and I have to say that I have gotten a good start on both! but also have a ways to go on both! Anyhow this is one of my latest projects that I put together for eBay and I love the way that it turned out! I have to say this one has been sitting around the house for a couple of weeks. I have been trying to decide if I wanted to list it or not! But I did! so there go, its listed and hopefully someone out there will decide that they cannot live without it!
Big day today, I get to have a day out with the girls and I am so excited! Its always a blast to spend a day with Susan and Deanna, we are going to check out all the occasional sales in Buffalo and I'm sure there will tons of inspiring things to look at, and there's always something that I can't live without that I must bring home!

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pretty*in*pink*designs said...

I had a *GREAT* time today on our outing! It was nice spending time with you. I am quite happy with my finds & even Jordan was excited to see the 2 new trees for my collection ;) Super Cute Stocking, I'll hop on over to Ebay to check out all your listings~ if anything is left!