Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Think I'm Nesting

OK so the truth of the matter is that I am always nesting but since Amber DD#1 is due any day now Its just feels like nesting in the truest since of the word. Thursday I went Shopping in St.Cloud and that means fun shopping yarn shops fabric outlets and Crafts Direct and the big Thrift store. I go for my Business... or so I tell myself. But more often than not I find something that I fall in love with. This time it was fabric for my new pillows (they are showing up kinda of yellow but they are more of a green ) see them there on the couch and chair? well I eeked out 5 pillows using 1-3/8 yards of that main fabric. So yeah, when I got home on Thursday I did not eat or sit down to watch TV or clean or talk on the phone ( OK so I did a little bit of that ) but I went right out to the studio and made pillows. Then I washed slipcovers and cleaned and reorganized the living room.

And then on Friday I went out and purchased something fun for my front step. I found this at Wal Mart

This is a big herb planter with regular Basel and Italian parsley and see that Tiny stuff? its boxwood basil! I'd never seen it before

I Sure would like to meet My Grandson! do you think he'll like the new pillows and Planter ;0)


D said...

Very pretty pillows, and your living room is pretty, too.

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

The pillows looke great! Love that sofa! What a neat planter! I've never seen or heard of boxwood basil!


Ruth said...

I love those pillows. I am trying to get this house clean and painting dd's room and everything is a big mess so I can't even get to my sewing machine. I need to get things settled and have some sewing time to recoup from these crazy days.

Love the planter and herbs. So great.


Philigry said...

oh, everything looks great! i can't believe he is here already! yay!