Friday, June 5, 2009

Workin on The Bath

Freshening up the bath for summer and getting ready for company!! I have to say that this is my most favorite things to do.. give my home a little freshening up and when company's coming it always the perfect excuse!! and with inspiration from here I just had to do it!! The main bath didn't need much as I had already done most of the summer makeover early this spring but I did need to get a couple of new things

A new green towel 4.00 that I cut up and made into a fancy towel with a sweet ruffled edging and lace to finish it up. I was not planning on doing this but when I put the towel on the towel on the towel rack it hung down way too far into the wash cloths. so I cut it off and added some cute detail to it. With the extra green towel I added more pretty pink floral fabric and made two cute little hand towels
I also purchased a white hand towel 2.50 and added some vintage crocheted lace with pink edging on it and I just love it.

Two packs of washcloths 5.98 rolled up in this cute little tray, don't they look like colorful tulips popping up out of the ground.

Something beautiful from the garden

my hand towel remake .
and so one more thing checked off the list.
Bathroom freshened up for 12.48. I love a bargen... and a clean bathroom!

Thanks for stopping have a great weekend