Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some Projects Downstairs

Yesterday after a morning of running around I decided that it was time to get this pillow put together, its been on the list of things to do for about 2 weeks now. The fabric is a Beautiful piece of vintage barkcloth depicting an old cabin in the woods, it was a gift from my friend Claire from the hog shed. I have one more panel left and will be making one of these fun pillows for the hog shed in the near future! I just love it its perfect for the downstairs living room where I have lots of red's brown's and blue's.

We also got the buffet for the T.V. done a couple of weeks ago. I found this buffet at a local Antique shop for 40.00 It was perfect well, almost perfect I did touch up the paint abit and

hubby did his magic to it also. I don't like all the electronic stuff showing so I had him take the center drawer and make it into a shelf with a door that opens up ( or down I should say )

its perfect for the VCR and DVD players I am so happy with the way that it turned out.

and now I have plenty of space for all our DVD and VHS tapes in all the side cupboards and other drawers.

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pretty*in*pink*designs said...

Looks great, but then again everything you and Cory do to the house is ALWAYS great! Your sidebar looks nice as well, your price list was very easy to get to & understand, don't be discouraged at all by it!