Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Things I'm Lovin Right Now

Things that I am lovin right now: My Daughter's growing belly (Notice how I always seem to catch her in the Kitchen for for photo shoots, hummm :) New spray Starch alternative It works great, with no flaky stuff on fabric and the best thing is no nasty build up on the ol iron! I love this stuff! I found it at Hancock fabrics
My new walking foot that I purchased at my sewing machine repair shop. Luckily they had a slightly used one for 70.00 other wise they run about 140.00 for my machine yikes!!!!

My new patorn and fabric for a summer top and dress I cant wait to get it put together!

New fabric for my living room pillows ect for the summer

And finally a new cookie recipe for the Ultimate Ginger Cookie that I had to try after watching "The Barefoot Contessa" aka Ina Garten make them. They are Sooooo good. Here is a link to the recipe I have made it twice now, both with and with out the crystallized ginger and I cant really tell the difference, so if for some reason you cannot find it make them with out. You will love them if you are a molasses and spice lover.
these are the things that I am lovin right now. what are you lovin right now?


Philigry said...

oh, i love all those things too! your daughter looks great.

pretty*in*pink*designs said...

Thanks for sharing Cyndi! I may have to give that starch spray a try, wonder if it comes in any other flavor than lavender. I also love pregnant bellies, my walking foot, fun fabrics, new sewing patterns, and ginger cookies! We have a lot in common, we could be friends ya know! Happy Mother's Day to you on Sunday! We leaving town for N.P. in the morning. Be back Sunday night. Enjoy your day :)