Friday, May 22, 2009

Ballet Dude Strikes Again

Yup, there he is in his second year of dance and he did great! I am so Proud of him. Shayne is one of the most graceful guys on the stage I am always so excited to watch him perform and this year he performed six different routines. with 3 different shows, 2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday.
Saturday nights Performance started off with their traditional " Father Daughter" dance for the seniors. Because most of the dancers are girls they have their father do one last dance with them, but since Shayne needed a partner for the routine I was asked to do my part and dance this one with him . If you know anything about me you would know that this is NOT something that I would do without serious hesitation ( I don't even like getting up on an air plain to use the bathroom and I do just about anything to avoid these situations) but I got to thinking and thought that I would regret not doing this for him. Sometimes you just need to do something that scares the piss out of you Right? and so I did

and there we are doing our Mother Son dance I was so glad when the whole thing was over. Did I dance like a star, you ask? NO! but I got an A for effort.... I did it!

This is Shayne in one of his other performances I hope to get the CD of the whole thing so that I can share it with my family in California These are truly the times that I miss not living closer to my family. Its just not fair that they don't get to be apart of things like this.

Shayne in his Jazz number. This was a really fun one to watch

And finally another ballet number. I am glowing with pride!!!
I am looking forward to yet another year of watching him dance.
Thanks for letting me share with you.


Philigry said...
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Philigry said...

good for you for doing that. i would have been scared too! i bet your son was so happy.

Angie said...

I know that took a lot of courage to get up and dance, but he will remember that forever. You have every right to be proud.