Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I finally got it finished and yes I'm pretty happy with it, although its not a true "Surface" sweater ( I just couldn't figure out that darn blister pattern) I substituted a double moss stitch and really love the look! I am looking forward to making another one of these with a few more alterations to the pattern but for now I'm just happy to say that I'm done with it. I learned a lot doing this one.

Also thank you to Katie over at philigry for her help and encouragement. Take a moment and stop over at her Blog she is having a great give away!!

OK no more pictures of the sweater I promise.
Thanks for stopping Have a great rest of the week.


pretty*in*pink*designs said...

Oh My Gosh~ YOU made that! It's awesome Cyndi!!! This knitting thing is really getting serious with you! I need to schedule a time with you for some one on one knitting instruction. Hubby may be home mid May and we'll have to get together before he goes back to Knife River full time while I have a sitter. ***LOVE IT GIRL!***

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Cyndi, Beautiful!! You did a fantastic job. I am now getting really jealous. I have been knitting since way before you were born and you know more than I do in your year of (practice). Show-off! :). I am so proud of you.

Philigry said...

you did an awesome job. this is stunning. i can not believe this is only your second sweater. i bet you will wear this a lot!