Monday, February 16, 2009

Taking Lunch !!

As I was looking around on the Internet for fabrics and inspiration the other day I found a pattern for lunch bags and thought What a GREAT idea!! so I thought and thought and thought about it and finally went out to my work shop and grabbed a beautiful Vintage Barkcloth and some pot holder interfacing that I use for my tea cozy's and got right to work! I love it what a great way to GO GREEN a reusable lunch sack made of recycled old Curtains and its pretty too. My first thought was to try and use old news papers at the insulation because I remember hearing that they used to use newspapers as quilt batting during the depression but could not find any information on it. So I tried it with the newspaper but it did not work out so well when I went to make sure it was washable (Big mess) So... If anyone out there happens to have any info. on a good idea for a washable insulation for these lunch bags I love to here it. Anyhow here it is for now. for sale on eBay. Thanks for stopping

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pretty*in*pink*designs said...

I've seen these little handmade lunch totes on Etsy. Very cute idea! Almost makes me want to work out of the house to take my lunch in such a cute sack, I said ALMOST! ANd I also noticed that Autumn is selling her stitch markers, they look really good!