Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finally Finished

Well I finally finished the pullover that I have been working on forever and no its not perfect and yes I will wear it proudly ( cause I worked hard on it ) OK maybe Ill only where it at night but I will wear it!! I was talking with the gal at the yarn shop and this is how she blocks her sweaters and I thought it was so brilliant that I had to share it with you. see how you can get every thing to line up perfectly. I simply bought one of the cutting boards and then laminated it with some clear shelf liner stuff.
and a shot of our 4 generations before Mom left I so wanted to get a professional one done by my dear Friend Deanna but schedules where so crazy when Mom was here.

Thanks for stopping and have a great rest of the week


Deanna Picka said...

You shoulda hollered, I would've been happy to come your way and take a photo or 2 for you guys. I bet you were insanely busy though. Perhaps next time around! And the pullover looks fantastic, mistakes or not! And one more thing: YES, teach me some knitting 'moves' when you come here on Friday!!!

Angie said...

A great picture! And do wear that sweater proudly.

Anonymous said...

I think your sweater looks great and it sure looked nice on you. I am so proud of the four generations photo. Mine turned out great also.