Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well I'm finally making a little progress in the workshop as I have a door and curtain on my cupboard and it only took what two months?? well, it seems like it anyway. here is what it looked like before the door and curtain. I love that I can put some of the mess behind a closed door and drawn curtain. now all I have to do is have hubby make a cutting table, sewing table paint the floors and get my office area set up.... wow still have lots to do!
oh well a little bit at a time and I'll get it done.


Philigry said...

oh, i love all of your decorating posts! so inspiring! that red toile chair is beautiful!
P.S. have you figure out the button holes yet? You can always cast off one or two stitches (where the button hole is supposed to be) then in the following row, cast the stitches back on. let me know how you make out!

ROXY said...

WOW, that is a lot of work!! So exciting! It will be great to have your own work space!!

Angie said...

Looking good! Can't wait to see the finished results.

Manuela said...

I really love it! I love the softness of the curtain.