Tuesday, November 18, 2008


OK, so I finished it! but will not be using it EVER! tons of mistakes and questionable knitting all the way through the project. I wanted to post a picture of it ( for evidence ) before I take it apart and use the yarn for something else! I will say that I learned a lot along the way, buttonholes for one! oh and how to stitch together shoulder seams. I think next time I try something like this I will need to get more help along the way.
Thanks for letting me share


Philigry said...

i think it is gorgeous! really, i think it looks perfect. you are really going to take it apart?
I guess if you will never wear it, you should, but i love it. My first sweaster has a few mistakes too. Everytime you knit something you will learn a ton.
Really...i think it is stunning. Give it a few weeks.

Sabina said...

I'm impressed! I could never even begin to make such a wonderful project!!

Meagan said...

Hi Cyndi,
I feel for you with this project! I admire that you are able to rip it out-I would wear that little beauty until it fell apart, just because! I have many abandoned knitting projects in my cupboard, some still on the needles, because I can't bring myself to go any further, but can't bear to rip it out either! I think it looks great, and I personally have come to enjoy the "questionable" knitting-maybe because I have so much of that in my own work, as I learn to knit. It is true, I have learned a lot from each attempt I make. Your slip covers are GORGEOUS!

carol said...

your awesome, Cyndi.