Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Workin on the Kitchen

Well the whole thing started out innocently enough with just wanting to freshen up the paint in the kitchen for spring and before I knew it I had invested 4 days and 35.00 in .. no not paint ( I had some left overs from painting the work shop ) and I used just a little bit of craft paint for the leaves and vines that I painted on the walls. So what did I spend the 35.00 in? well it was shelf liner of all things! I figured it was time to freshen up that part of my kitchen too. so while at target looking for a paper towel rack I found some perfectly spring shelf liner and I picked up a couple of rolls of it. then, went back and got a couple more roll cause I ran out and then I had to send my son to get 2 more rolls!!! wow I knew I had lots of cupboard space but I didn't know it would take 6 rolls of the stuff. to get them all done but I love the way it turned out its so mice to open the cupboards and see pretty shelves. next maybe some new pots and pans!

The rest of my time was spent Cleaning organizing and getting these vines painted on the walls. I had painted the kitchen a couple of weeks ago already but it was so plain. I decided to add a little extra something I think I like it . but we will see how long I keep it I know that it will be too light for fall. but fall is months from now, right?

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