Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Living Room For Stephanie and Family

Ok so this isn't Stephanie's new living room ( its my workshop ) but we are getting her some slip covers for her "Very Loved" Furniture, I would love these for my own home there so big and soft and so comfy! So far this week I have completed the couch and chair and a half . Next, an Ottoman and some pillows. I really like the way they turned out the fabric that Stephanie picked out for the projects was SO nice to work with, it just made it fun.

Soon she will have a new living room and that's always a good thing! and I'm sure Stephanie and her family will enjoy having furniture to sit on again.

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carol said...

Thank you for the thoughtful mothers day surprise. Not every mom gets her picture posted on the internet for mothers day. Your always coming up with ways to make me feel special. I can't wait to bask in your beautiful sun porch when I get there. It always feels so refreshing and romantic. How do you do it! I love your new purse also, and your slipcovered couch.
I love you,