Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When a Curtain is no longer a Curtain

I was getting ready for another sale and realized that I needed a piece for the shop.
I've had this parsons chair ( sorry no before picture)  sitting around my shop for quite some time
it was in great shape but I wanted to dress it up a little bit.
I had purchased some Rachell Ashwell curtains at target a while ago that did not work out in my home and I just didn't wa
nt to take them back so they too have been sitting around my shop.
so I made them into a slipcover for this chair.
just a simple gathering in the back with a tie to keep everything snug.
There she is all finished up. This chair did make its way to the sale and has sold. Thank you to its new owner for your purchase. 
Thanks for stopping.
and have a great rest of the week

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angie said...

loving it. especially the back