Monday, March 15, 2010

This week's to~do list.

Lots on the to do list for this week
First there will be painting Painting this shelf so that I can have a place to keep finished projects that are ready for Market
next a little window and wall treatment for the shop I've been wanting to do this for quite some time

I've found the fabric and even a little extra something for fun. Those removable wall words.
Yup these windows defiantly need something

I will also be working on some things for the next Hog Shed Sale
I found these Feed sacks? a couple of months ago they will be pillows

This chair will get a whole new look inspired by the feed sacks

I'm slipcovering the chair with a drop cloth I cant wait

and then I well need to get creative with this stuff I'm thinking bags but you never know.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you stop back to see my progress.


Rhonda in OK said...

you will be busy! and I am sure your finished pieces will be beautiful as always

angie said...

Exciting! It is always fun to fix up your studio.

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Hi Cyndi,
Your're a busy woman. We seem a lot alike. I feel like I'm a machine! So many projects to get out. I work on them about 9-11 hours a day. The "Hog Shed" is such a GREAT idea! Selling just a few days a month. I bet that gets you orders too? All of your things are beautiful, wonderful, amazing. You're so talented.
You asked about the panels on just the sides of the window. Once at Ross I found these 14 inch long rods. I used them at the two ends of the window with panels. (this was at our old house, my kitchen has a loooong rod.) You can also buy a dowel, finels, and rod brackets. You know those wooden ones? They're at Lowes. You can paint them any color, and cut the dowel any size. It's a pretty look with the little short rods and accent panels at each end.
Does this help?
I'm following both of your blogs now and hope to come by often.

Philigry said...

i am drooling over the feedsack. do you have anymore you want to sell? In love with them!