Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Couple of Projects Compleated

First Project done: This is my completed projects Shelf. This one took way longer than I thought it would as I had to spray paint in the cold spring that meant I had to warm up the garage, spray paint, turn off the heat, open the garage door to air out and then repeat the whole process about six times! other than that all I spent on the project was about 14.00 the shelf was a left over the wallpaper that I used for the shelf lining was also left over the only thing I spent money on was a couple of cans of Cheep spray paint and the two big baskets at the top which was my biggest bargain these were 15.00 each at wal mart a couple of weeks ago but when I stopped in today to look for baskets they were on clearance for 5.00 each!!! SCORE.
Second Project done: window treatments and wall words also pretty cheap as I already had the fabric and the vintage lace that I put at the bottoms

I really like the way they turned out

Clean and Simple.