Friday, January 15, 2010

Art in my Home

Art is a very big part of my home decor. Why? well because I love what does for us as people, the very act of creating is just an awesome feeling. Art is also what makes my home a very personal space because most of the art you will find in my home is from my own family's hands. This trio is just a collection that I acquired at garage and occasional sales. I have them because I love the green's in them.

The next two pictures are ones that my Mom painted. This first one is of her grandmother and grandfather that she painted from an old black and white photo that she was given by her sister

This is me. It was my Christmas gift last year. My Mother surprised all of us Kids (5) with portraits. Mom just started painting a year and a half ago. Wow

This is a set of pottery that my first daughter Amber did in high school I love the colors.

This is a picture that my son Shayne did while he was in high school he did it using only tiny little dots. I think its soooo cool

This is a picture that my husband did while he was in high school.

Side by side father and son art. love that One of the greatest things that I have done with some of their art is to have a couple of my favorite pieces professionally framed, a little expensive but I will never regret it~
This next piece was a gift from my brother in law last Christmas. Its is a Very big mosaic that he did. I just received it however, as it was traveling the country in an art contest for the VA where it took 1st place!! what a treasure.

This is one of many wood burnings that that my Father in law has gifted us this is one of his first. a woodland scene

Perfect over the Tv.

This is one of the other wood burnings that was given to us this is a portrait that he did of a Doctor friend of the family love it ~~

and yes there he is again, Autumns creation the green man with two faces love him even if he is a little scary

There you have it what makes This home .... my home.
also just a note I am working on getting this blog set up as just a
Cyndis Re-Creations blog I will be starting another blog of just home
stuff as I seem to lean towards that a little bit more. Yes there will be plenty
of slipcovers in my home blog as it is unavoidable my home is Slipcover City!!!
Have a great weekend !