Friday, November 9, 2012

Another Chair Saved!

Yes she's cute but just a bit dated, she needed a little makeover

 Here she is all finished up perfect neutral fabrics with a combination of linen and a lightweight upholstery fabric that work great together.
 and a very simple back (zipper at the side for easy removal.)
So versatile, ..... slipcover for the chair the pillow and the lampshade  I love changing up things for the seasons  how about you?
This Chair is available for purchase at Yesterdays Charm
Thanks for stopping and Have a great weekend !


Sherri said...

Love the fabric combination!

Donna said...

It looks great. Right now, I'm staring at my wingback chair that still has it "80's country look" upholstery. But I wouldn't know where to start in making a cover for it. :)