Monday, May 14, 2012

I just couldent stay away

Yes I'm back at it after a brief but very much needed brake I'm back in business and very excited to be doing what I love to do.
Slipcovering is in my blood I guess. While on my brake from slipcovering I have done 4 complete slipcovers for myself and family.  I just can't stop myself.   I'll have pictures of what I've been up to in a week or two  but for now I'm off on a top secret, week long vacation.
Have a good week!
PS. have you ever slipcovered your lamp shade?


Pine Tree Home said...

Welcome back. I recently threw and old crocheted doily from my grandmother over a lampshade to give it new life. I'm waiting to find fabric that I like to do it proper.

Anonymous said...

Have fun on that top secret vacation! And I so wish I had your slipcovering talent!

Anonymous said...

that last one from your friend Deanna!