Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another one for Barb

A great chair I mean great bones and so comfortable! but the stripes had to go. Barb found this chair and footstool that were not a set, at a Thrift store.
 She wanted to give a new look and opted for something neutral.  I was in total agreement as I am all about neutrals since I love changing my decor for the seasons.  This was the ticket!
 This color fabric went with almost every pillow I sat on the chair ( again I thought I had more pictures ) anyhow  I was so pleases with how it turned out
oh yeah and for those stripes, It took black out drapery lining to hide them  but there is no sign of them now.
I was so happy to get a call from Barb after she got the chair home to tell that she Loved the chair and it went perfectly everywhere she put it.    yahoo!!

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