Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why I have and love slipcovers

yup this is the reason that I am loving my slipcovers right now!
 Here he is (my sweet grandson) at his birthday party he is two now ... need I say more!
 he is busy busy busy  I had taken my slipcovers off the dinning room chairs for a couple of weeks and he found them to be the perfect canvas for his art work!  its just chalk and you would think I could get it out but NO!
so the slipcovers are back where they are suppose to be~
what do you love about your slipcovers?


Kolein said...

LOVE your sweet covers! Haven't commented in a while! Been so busy!

Also, I LOVE the rosette in the back! Oh my!!! Gorgeous!

I LOVE slip covers because I can buy a really unattractive piece of furniture from the recent past or way back when and transform it into a piece that I ADORE!

And also, slip covers that are loose and easy to care for remind me of everything breezy and easy!


Barbie said...

Hi Cyndi!
You and me both. Just love love love slipcovers! Love creating them, love looking at them, love talking about them, love teaching how to make them, just love 'em.

And I love your work too! You are so good!
Some day maybe I will get to your part of the country. It will for sure be during one of the sales at the Hog Shed!

Happy creating!

Cyndi said...

Thanks Barbie, I would love to have you visit we would have so much fun talking about Slipcovering.

Sewlutions' World said...

Such a cute post! I love slipcovers because I love knowing that I am sitting on something clean.