Sunday, August 21, 2011

Muted Fall Fabric Slipcover.

Fun Fall Chair for the Hog Shed using a fun muted fall fabric. This is what the chair looked like before it's Re-Creation,

 This is a great outdoor fabric from P Kaufman  It washes up beautifully and is a great weight
fabric to work with for slipcovers. They really are making great outdoor fabric these days
its so nice and soft not that plasticie feel that it used to have.
 A simple back this time with just a zipper up the side  and a simple kick pleat skirt.
and some pillows inspired by this fabric that will also be available at  the Hog Shed's September sale
The Pillows are made using recycled wool blankets!


Day to Day at The Hog Shed said...

Love,love, love the chair and oh, soooo cute pillows. It's going to look terrific in The Hog Shed's September sale.You always amaze me. Claire

angie said...

Great job Cyndi. Did you add any padding to the inside back?

Cyndi said...

Hi Angie! yes I did add padding/batting to the inside back of the chair I had to stuff that little crack with additional padding aswell to get it nice and smooth. Its so nice to hear from thank you for stopping over.

Slipcover Chic said...

Wow, that is such neat work....really very neat. I love it. I was forming the same question that Angie did as I was looking!!! I hadn't thought to put the extra batting in the creases as well as over the entire inside. Did you staple at the back tuck in at the seat?