Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Up Date on Autumn and Shop Stuff too!

Just wanted to thank all of you who sent emails and purchased the Totes to help Autumn and Steffan get back on their feet (Which they are) We are so blessed to have so many Friends and
Organizations that are out there that are so willing and able to help out. The biggest a surprise to me was the way that our local Wal Mart stepped up and helped out. They were on site and unloading a truck full of food clothes toys formula diapers and personal hygiene items as the Red Cross was setting up. Wow Right?
Also since Autumn works at Wal Mart, her manager let her know immediately that if her and her boy friend needed a couple of changes of clothing all they need do was to pick it out and take it to the service counter and it would be taken care of. wow again!

they are in a new apartment building and are the proud new owners of donated living room and bedroom furniture
I also wanted to sent out a special thank you to Claire at The Hog Shed The Hog Shed for her very generous gift of cash. Thank you Claire! and Thank you Mom you are always so generous.
Not all was Lost a lot of their dishes and a Kitchen items made it as most of the damage was water and smoke related also saved was most of Autumns artwork ( so very precious to her)
Two of her water colors above. I just love them.

In the Shop... a couple of things that I put together for a client. I'm not sure if these fabrics are hers ( by this I mean that she is the creator of Thimbleberries Quilting fabrics) Very Cool I love the fabric for the footstool its little school houses and books too Cute!

Have a great rest of the week .

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