Friday, April 9, 2010

I've Been Featured

I've been featured over at Pink and Polka Dot Take a look at her wonderful blog. I'm so honored to be a part of Friday's Featured Slipcovers along with all the other talents that she finds in blog land.
Thank you Kristi!!


Pine Tree Home said...

So happy to have found you. Your work is totally fun and inspirational. I am into a mini camper remodel and am thinking about recovering my UGLY split sofa. I love finding photos for inspiration.

angie said...

Great! You so deserve it.

Deanna said...

Your Amy Butler slipcovered chair was one of my all-time faves that you did up. It would work perfectly in my current living room decor! How cool that you got featured! By the way did you know that Amy Butler is coming to Gruber's on May 18th from 1-3. I plan on taking the book you got me for my b-day there for her to sign for me! She'll be signing lots of stuff there I guess so I read in the newsletter.