Thursday, February 18, 2010


Some things finished in the shop this week.
First is this rocker that was given to me. (of course I did not take any before pictures) it was a "lovely" wood with gold detailing and flecks on it. I was contemplating just tossing it because it's sometimes hard to sell rockers. I just couldn't throw it away it was supper solid and absolutely nothing wrong with it other than being ugly. sooo I had my girlfriend Susan paint and distress it for me (beautiful job Susan, Thank you) and I made a super soft Deep cushion for the seat along with a pillow that is filled with super soft down like filling along with fragrant lavender buds Perfect for a soothing and relaxing rock. This rocker will be available at the Buffalo Nickle in March.

Second: the chair that Needed a little redo on the store bought slipcover is re-Created into a full length slipcover

with button detailing on the back instead of the tie that was a bit big and sloppy looking.

Simple and clean... that was the clients requirements

I like.
Thanks for letting me share
Stop back tomorrow to see what I'll be working on next week.

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angie said...

Nice work Cyndi. Hey, come visit me over at my new blog.