Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting Ready For The Sale!!

Getting ready for the next sale at The Hog Shed, I thought OK one more light spring summer feeling chair before we get into our fall mode This is the before ( trying to get better at taking the before's) I think I caught a piece of fuzz in the picture though Here are the afters I'm really pleased with the way that this turned out It was a lot of pattern match!!! but I love the clean soft look of it and its just a little bit modern This is a gorgeous Linen fabric print so I decided to detail it in a solid off white linen
A Closer Look


The Back Side
(no cutsie buttons this time)

Thanks For Stopping ~ Hope to see you at The Hog Shed

Ps. did you notice my new floor? No more ugly gray concrete!! Ive been busy ~

1 comment:

Carol............. said...

I love the neutral pattern!

I used to have an old chair that looked much like yours and was told it was a "wing" chair? I had it for years and finally one of the kids "borrowed" it and that was the end of that LOL!