Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Baking .... DONE

Finished up with all my Christmas baking last night and took a quick shot of it but not before 6 of the bigger boxes went out the door to friends. Now for the fun part hubby and I will be delivering them. I was told that our last delivery will be to a buddy's fish house, Fun but it always makes me a little nervous to drive out on a frozen lake!
This year I made fudge, Peanut butter fudge, date nut roll. jam thumb print cookies, peanut brittle, Carmel's and chocolate Carmel's ( which really taste like a tootsie roll ) and spiced nuts that I got the recipe for from here and really liked the way they turned out the rest of the recipes were mostly old family favorites. I love to make these every year because it reminds me of those that I got the recipes from, mainly my Aunt Sally who was a wonderful cook, who passed away a few years back. I always feel like she is with me when I am making her Date Nut Roll.
I love these little boxes that I found at Walmart they are from Martha Stewart and came with ribbons, labels and little red Polk a dot tissue paper soooo cute. The wine bottle totes were some that I found on clearance last year and they go perfectly with the boxes.
Now off to do some more running!!! Have a great weekend


Sabina said...

That looks and sounds yummy!!

Happy Holidays!!

pretty*in*pink*designs said...

You are always so organized and present everything so lovely. Wish I could pull that off! The snow is falling pretty heavy right now and I'm excited to get into the kitchen for my full day of candy making. Won't be any divinity made today...too much humidity in the air..bummer- that's my personal fave.