Monday, March 31, 2008

Casual Elegance

Well I snuck in another "My projects" Day again yesterday, so first it was a couple of pillows. The first being this long one that I used some great old hand crocheted lace and vintage buttons on and the second pillow that I made is the one with a monogrammed F on it. I got this GREAT idea from Katie over at Philigry she is always doing great things and I'm always looking forward to her new posts!!! Thanks Katie

The Second part of my project was to slipcover this chair that I found at a garage sale a couple of years ago and I love it cause I've never seen one like it before, it actually folds out to a single bed. Its one of the real old ones that has a metal frame.... its super heavy but its nice and big and I liked the fact that it has no arms! So in following my "Blue Mood" I found this beautiful satiny fabric and loved the print but didn't want anything in the house to feel that formal, so I found a fun cotton brushed fringe and used it in place of the piping and then added a bit of vintage lace at the bottom and I really like the way it turned out . well its back to work I go .........


Katie said...

oh, everything you make is so nice! your home is beautiful,and your slipcovers are great. I wish you lived closer because I would keep you very busy! I love that white chair that you slipped with the besdpread! great idea!

carol said...

Your blog is so fun and fabulous. I am motivated everytime I look at it. Dave thought it was impressive also as he walked in when I was looking at it. Your such a busy lady.